Feature Story                                                                                            Monday May 16, 2011


Spikebelts Stop Armed Gunman

Carjacker avoids dragnet until Chilliwack Mounties receive tip the car was spotted at Tamihi

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This 2010 Mercedes was carjacked Monday in Richmond. Mounties caught up with the driver after he ran over spike belts at Vedder Crossing was armed with a gun at Vedder and Keith Wilson.


ust after 1 pm, the Upper Fraser Valley Regional Detachment was alerted to a robbery and carjacking that took place in Richmond. A man armed with a hand gun took a 2010 Mercedes E63 and headed east on Hwy 1.


The vehicle had a handheld cell phone in it which was equipped with GPS and that allowed police to track the car's movements as it made it's way up the Fraser Valley, through Abbotsford and into Yarrow, eventually turning up the Chilliwack River Valley road.


Mounties sealed off the area and searched back roads, however the GPS signal was lost when the phone left the service area.

A roadblock was setup on Chilliwack Lake Road and a driver reported that he had seen the black Mercedes on the lower section of the Tamihi forest service road and police concentrated their effort there.

Not long after, an officer spotted the vehicle and tailed the suspect with speeds up to 130km/hr. The officer was careful not to cause a wild pursuit and kept his distance while a spike belt was deployed at the Tamihi bridge.

The suspect managed to avoid the single spike belt and two more were deployed further down the road which the suspect again managed to avoid.

The vehicle kept traveling towards the Vedder Bridge with officers in tow and this time the spike belts were successful and deflated the tires.

The suspect refused to stop and continued down Vedder Rd to Keith Wilson where police rammed the vehicle into Domino's pizza parking lot.

At least half a dozen officers drew their weapons at which point the 36-year-old suspect surrendered and was taken into custody.

The police used every resource available and were diligent in their efforts to bring this to a safe conclusion without anyone being injured on a wild chase through the streets of Chilliwack. This was an example of top-notch police work and you can thank them for that.

Additionally, the witness who spotted the Mercedes at Tamihi needs to be thanked for having the wherewithal to notice the car off road and report it to police.

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