Some of the common causes of motorcycle crashes are

  • When a car turns left in front of an oncoming motorcycle. Common cause: the car driver does not see the motorcycle.

  • Single vehicle motorcycle crashes typically occur at curves in the road. Common cause: The motorcyclist enters the curve too quickly for their level of experience.

Safety Tips

  • Before you get on a motorcycle, whether you are a new rider or one hasn’t ridden in a while, get professional rider training.Motorcyle Accident

  • Professional training will teach you: Motorcycle handling, emergency braking, collision avoidance, lane position, and other skills.

  • Wear the right gear – good ridding gear provides you with two specific benefits: comfort and protection. Wearing the right gear can be the difference between bumps and bruises or serious injuries if you are involved in a collision

  • Always wear a DOT approved helmet. Wearing a proper helmet can increase your chance of surviving a crash and reduce the risk of serious head injuries. Novelty beanie helmets are just that, novelties. They provide NO protection and should never be worn in lieu of an approved helmet.

  • Riding a motorcycle requires more attention, awareness, concentration and more skill than operating any other type of vehicle. Stay focused – Keep your attention on what lies ahead, not on what just happened.

  • Ride like you’re invisible and watch out for left turning vehicles. Don’t assume other drivers can see you.

  • Ride at appropriate speeds – Ride within your comfort zone and don’t over-ride your skill level, especially on curves.

  • Practice your skills in a safe location. Expose yourself gradually to conditions that have greater risk.

  • Ride sober – Alcohol and drugs affect your judgment and your ability to react in a safe manner.

  • Obey the rules of the road – Ride in a predictable fashion; that’s what other drivers expect.

Be courteous – Show courtesy and respect to other road users. That’s what you expect from them.

There's is an article of interest for motorcycles safety on DriveSmartBC, a web site maintained by Cst. Tim Schewe (Ret.)

The lower photograph is courtesy of the RCMP.


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