Sunday May 8, 2011

Police Blotter

On The Beat

Playing guns, peppered papa and more





Case of Indigestion

At 3:45 pm Friday, a group of 4 males ran out of Safeway (northside) each carrying an armload of food. They jumped in a white car and left the scene. Store video showed the car and a partial plate was noted by witnesses. Police were able to discern that the car was from the Chilliwack area.


Playing Guns

At 4:38 pm, an 8-year-old called his father to say that someone he knew pointed a gun at them. The father called police who responded. Reports were "all over the place" and the kids thought it was a gun because it was black and gray. Police called the kid on the cell phone and it was determined that it was a group of kids just playing "guns". Police later said that it didn't appear to be a gun that was involved in the incident.


Zellers Five Finger Discount

At 5:33 pm, police received a report of a shoplifter at Zellers. No other information became available.




Lock It Up

At 9:11 am, a theft from a vehicle occurred on Luckakuck. Lock it up folks or lose it.


Unruly Teen

At 10:11 am, Police received that a 13-year-old teenage boy was going berserk at his mothers home on Victor. Unable to deal with the situation herself, she called police.


Glazier At Large

At 10:33 am, police received a report that a thief had broken into Diva! Boutique on Mill St. This guy knew how to handle glass because he managed to remove the pane of glass in the door without breaking it. Despite bars inside he was still able to reach and steal some clothing nearest to the door. He was last seen running down Mill Street towards Victoria Ave. He was described as a white male with blond hair. See main page photo.


Highway Rage

At 1:20pm a report came into police that a guy with black hair and a black goatee driving a dodge pickup truck had some kind of altercation while on Highway 1. The called said the driver took an exit and headed towards Rosedale.


Peppered Papa

At 2:02 pm, a man showed up at his wife's home on Margaret to take the kids. She refused and pepper sprayed him in the face. He bolted and ended up in the washroom at Tim Horton's washing his eyes out.


King Of Beers

At 2:2 pm, a white male in his early 20's ran out of the Salish Park liquor store with a case of Budweiser.



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