Saturday May 21, 2011

Police Blotter

A Busy Week

Police kept hopping responding to calls of thefts, drunks, fights and domestic disturbances

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Wednesday May 18


earing Nothing But A Backpack. At 2:20 pm, police received a 911 call from two women walking on the Prest Trail that they saw a naked man in the bushes. He had a blue back pack/day pack. The man saw them and then ducked away and got dressed then apparently fled the scene. Police searched the immediate area and then issued an alert to the community to be on the lookout. See more details on this file in the police report on The Voice's Headline News section.


Coasting To Jail

At 8:05 pm, a man was causing a disturbance in Preston's at the Coast Hotel. He was tossed out and then returned mad causing more trouble. Then got into his car. Police managed to intervene before he was able to drive in his condition. He was then arrested.


Gone On Arrival

Police received a report there was a Native male who was drunk and passed out on a bench at Salish Park. It was a busy evening for police so there was a time delay of about an hour before they were able to attend and by this time the drunk was GOA.


Bangs Spook Community


At 11:26 pm Mounties responded to a shots fired call in the 9500 block of Broadway. It was determined that it wasn't gunshots but indeed only fireworks.


Thursday May 19

A Dead End Drunk

Just before 2 am, a man driving drunk, slammed into a concrete barrier and sign at the north end of Charles St. at the tunnel. He hit so hard the air bags deployed and when police arrived they found an empty vehicle with some beer cans scattered around.


They checked inside the car for blood and finding none, they began to look for the driver. A witness trailed the suspect who ran on foot to the 7-11. Police drove by and because the windows to the front are open, they could see the suspect inside. He was arrested, the car towed and the city was notified about the sign.


Not "Planking"

At 3:27 am, a man was reported to be lying drunk at Hocking and Young Rd. When police arrived they took him into custody. More than likely for his own good.


A Little Too Happy

At 11:45 am, a drunken male was at the Salish Plaza liquor store with a bottle in his hand trying to hug women and look up their skirts. When police arrived to deal with him, he'd made his way back over to roost with the geese at Salish Park.


Friday May 20

Rings and Thugs

At 3:44 pm, a man walked into the watch and ring store on Wellington Ave. with the intention of walking out without paying for something. They asked to see some things in the store and then left with them. One of the people involved was a 20-year-old white male, with short brown hair last seen wearing a yellow jacket. If you have any information that could help the police locate this suspect call 1-800-222-TIPS


Heads-Up To Drivers

At 3:55 pm, reports came in to police that a possibly 12 or 13 riding her bicycle was backed over by one of the parents. The girl was conscious and alert and talking with her parents. She was taken to the hospital with undetermined injuries.


At 7 pm, Search and Rescue was called in to locate two missing girls who were last seen canoeing at Cultus Lake. Mounties also responded and brought in AIR 2 and however the girls were located safe and sound.


Peg Leg Party

Later on at 8 pm, police were called to an outdoor party at Peg Leg where about 150 kids were gathered and drinking. They were being monitored to make sure that there was no camping.


Women Assaulted

At 3:40 pm an alarming assault took place at Cultus Lake when a man attacked his sister at Cultus Lake. She was taken to a home on Kathleen where EHS and police attended. According to reports, the woman was badly beaten and her face "really messed up" was take to the hospital.


Police then moved in cautiously on the man who arrested him for aggravated assault causing bodily harm at about 4:51 pm.


Then, at 4:54 pm, reports of another assault on a woman occurred with unconfirmed reports that she was unconscious. The location was not confirmed.


Saturday May 21

Lights On Nobody's Home

At just after 11 am, a home in the vicinity of Kipp-Ashwell-Stanley linked to a crime or criminal activity was entered by the RCMP. In case residents might flee out the back, police established a security perimeter before going in the home. They cleared the first floor before heading into the rest of the two-storey home. It was determined the house had no occupants at the time. It's unknown what caused this search at this time.


A Violent Scene

At 11:30 am, police 911 dispatch received 6 calls about 2 males fighting and screaming at each other on the street. No location was given. By the time police attended, one male was laying on the ground and police were looking to find the other party and spoke with a girlfriend who was on the scene.


Hungry For Trouble

At 11:48 am, a 40-year-old male was causing a disturbance at Safeway. Police initially checked him when they arrived on the scene and released him but took him into custody when witnesses pointed to him as the reason for the disturbance call in the first place. He was put into the back of the car and taken back to the Landing Rez.


BOB Steals Laptop from Vehicle

At 11:58 a Native male, 'burglar on bike' (BOB), stole a laptop from a GMC near or parked in the lot of the school on Wellington. He was last seen carrying it and riding on a blue/gold BMX bicycle into the Landing Rez where he disappeared from site.

Police moved in and searched for the male who was described as wearing a green bandana, possibly a dark baseball hat, about 5' 4" with a thin build. They scoured the area past the yellow gate dividing the bands and were unable to locate the suspect. If you have information about this call 1-800-222-TIPS


All's Well That Ends Well

At 12:27 pm, a despondent woman left home on foot but not before leaving a text message to her boyfriend on the phone that she was suicidal. When the boyfriend returned and saw the message, he called police. A description went out and one of the responding officers managed to get her on the phone and she said she would return. Police called EHS to ensure the woman was going to be okay.


Having A Bird

At 12:40 pm, a guy wearing a hospital shirt went into the KFC at Hocking. At first police thought he may have been AWOL from the hospital which is a block away but it was determined no one was missing from the hospital. Police sent him packing.


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