Thursday May 26, 2011

BC Politics

HST Numbers Don't Add Up To NDP Leader 

Dix vows to protect families and small business from the HST

Released by BC NDP


drian Dix, Leader of the B.C. New Democrat Official Opposition, is vowing to protect B.C. families and small businesses from the HST, and to encourage everyone to vote "yes" to scrapping the HST in the upcoming referendum.


"I was elected to stand up for fairness and the interests of middle class, working families and small businesses-and the HST is absolutely not in their interest. Despite the B.C. Liberals' rhetoric and cooked up numbers, the simple fact is that the HST remains a tax that is bad for B.C. families and small businesses."

"The 'fix' announced yesterday by Premier Clark and the Finance Minister is a desperate move that seems to have been scribbled out on the back of an envelope by political operatives bent on rescuing the political fortunes of a discredited government."

"Only two months ago, Premier Clark ruled out reducing the HST rate, saying 'I think people will see that as buying them with their own money,' yet here she is, proving once again that she and the B.C. Liberals will say anything and do anything to salvage the HST."

Dix also pointed out that fictitious Liberal math again was being used to deceive British Columbians and hide the true impact of the HST.

"Finance Minister Kevin Falcon simply cannot be trusted on the basic numbers," stated the leader of the official opposition.

"B.C. families do the math on their household budget every day and they get it. Under the HST, a much larger number of items are taxed, like haircuts, a daily coffee and fees for their children's sports activities, not to mention big ticket items such as buying a new home, repairing a leaky roof and home renovations. Lowering the rate is simply a smokescreen designed to disguise the fact they will still pay significantly more and continue to see their household budget stretched to pay for tax reductions for big corporations."

From day one, the B.C. Liberals have lied about the HST.

During the 2009 election they denied plans introduce the HST. Then days after, they sprang the HST on unsuspecting families and small businesses.

Premier Clark repeatedly promised a June 24 referendum on the HST. Since then she has downgraded the referendum to a mail-in ballot with a drawn out process that will not see the votes counted until August.

The B.C. Liberals initially claimed the HST would generate more than 100,000 jobs, but this has proved a complete fiction.

They claimed the HST would lower prices, but it hasn't.

They claimed the HST would be revenue neutral, but it has proved a huge cash grab out of the pockets of B.C. families.

The B.C. Liberals stated in legislation the HST would be allocated toward public health care, but that is clearly not the case.


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