Saturday May 21, 2011

BC Politics

Another Ten Years Of Recklessness?

Families, HST, BC Rail, are some of the issues Dix wants dealt with Submitted by Jan O'Brien, BC NDP Prov. Sec.


fter ten long years of this BC Liberal government, British Columbians have had enough.

We don't want more lies and deception, like the secretive way that the BC Liberals brought in the HST. We don't want more backroom deals, like the sell off of BC Rail.


We can't afford another decade of record poverty and job losses that hurt BC families. Or another ten years of reckless economic policies.

This is the choice that the BC Liberal leadership race has given voters, a choice between a few candidates who were all key players in Gordon Campbell's cabinet.

We can't afford more of the same.

New Democrats are launching a campaign to remind BC voters that in spite of the new slogans and new logos, the leading BC Liberal leadership contenders are all close Campbell cronies.

These candidates want us to believe that they have a new vision, and will bring a fresh start to the province.

We need your help to spread that message.

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