Wednesday May 4, 2011


Local News

ICBC Gets Major Makeover  

Corporation to drop 350 jobs over the next three-years

Released by Insurance Corp. of BC


CBC has been listening to its customers and as a result, the corporation is changing to better meet their needs. Part of this effort involves looking at new ways of doing things to deliver even better value and an improved customer experience. Once we finish transforming our business, customers will experience services that are more hassle-free and transparent including:

New technologies and systems are being introduced that will provide more efficient service to our customers. As a result, ICBC's workforce will be reduced by approximately 350 positions over the next three years through normal departures.

The entire cost of our transformation is being funded by money already set aside from the Optional insurance side of our business and will not impact insurance rates.

We're committed to sharing information with our employees and customers at a new level of transparency as we work together through these changes. In the spirit of transparency, we have posted a document, Our journey: building the new ICBC to which outlines the changes that will allow us to transition to the 'new' ICBC.


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