Monday May 9, 2011

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CGH Auxiliary Is Steeped In History

Book recalls hard times in hospital's early years

Submitted by Andrea Lister


ommitment to Caring is the story of determined women, in a time before they were considered persons under the law, who fundraised, sewed, canned, and knitted to establish Chilliwack’s first hospital.


The Chilliwack Hospital Auxiliary announced today the
publication of a new book called Commitment to
Caring: Hospital Auxiliary's 100 Years, 1911-2011
($20.00) by Andrea Lister.

In a time before Medicare these women formed the Chilliwack Hospital Auxiliary in 1911 and recruited their sisters-in-laws, daughters, and friends to join them in their efforts and take over for them as they aged.

They enlisted the support of the community in supporting the hospital for 100 years through wars, depressions, and social changes. They have left, and continue to leave a lasting legacy, with their hard work and dedicated volunteerism. Richly illustrated with seldom-seen photographs Commitment to Caring is a celebration of these women. All proceeds from the sale of this book go towards the purchase of equipment for the Chilliwack General Hospital.

Andrea Lister is the editor of  British Columbia History, the British Columbia Historical Federation’s flagship publication, web designer for the Maple Ridge Museum and Community Archive’s website, genealogist and writer.

She was the designer for Fields of Seams and Dreams: A History of Plowing in the Valley  by David B. Reid. She is also a direct descendant of Mrs. Julia Grossman one of the founding members of the Chilliwack Hospital Auxiliary.


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