Friday May 13, 2011


Councillor Snubs Kids At Awards

Attrill ate dinner but forgot about the student ceremonies

Craig Hill/Voice


ast night at the SSA awards, at Chilliwack Sr. Secondary, one city councillor, Sue Attrill, packed away a nice dinner and left before the awards ceremony and presentations were made to the students. This kind of arrogance doesn't bode well for city hall.


What are the kids supposed to think when councillors can't be bothered to listen to their speeches or see them accept awards for their efforts in the apprenticeship program let alone any other function?


Prior to that, before dinner, I stood and approached her table to take a photograph of her and she made a big stink about it mouthing "What?! What?!" while gesturing with her hands.


So I waited for her to put down the cookie that she was munching on and wipe off her mouth before taking her photograph. I do believe that she forgot where she was and who she was representing at the ceremony and why she was there. Was it that she had to put down the cookie and smile for a photo that made her upset that I was going to take her photograph?


Earlier this year, Attrill made the remark in council chambers, that after some deal of time now as a councillor, she thought she "finally gets it" (being a councillor) and then did the bobblehead thing like we understood what she was trying to say. Does that mean, prior to her comment, that she didn't get it? That she didn't know what she was supposed to be doing as a councillor?


That comment couldn't be further from the truth, because as she demonstrated last night, she certainly still hasn't got it. She wasn't doing the kids any favours by eating and then running out the door like she did. How often has she done this kind of thing before and how many more times will she do this before someone calls her on it. Well, I'm calling her on it here and now. Those students may just call her on it too come election time in November.



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