Monday May 2, 2011


Positive Roll Models

1st Annual "Kids vs. Cops" B-Ball tourney lets Mounties mentor Native youths in various sports

Submitted by Cpl. Tammy Hollingsworth, Upper Fraser Valley Regional District



n April 20, 2011, members of the Upper Fraser Valley Regional Detachment (UFVRD) RCMP and some of our First Nation youth participated in a Basketball Tournament at the Tzechten Band Hall called "kids vs. COPS". This event was organized by Cst. John Ryan and Cst. Gabe McBride from the UFVRD First Nations Policing Unit.

Students from Sts'ailes Community School, Seabird Community School, and Sto:Lo Alternate participated in the First Annual Tournament. Sportsmanship and MVP awards were presented to players on each of the participating teams.

Although this was only a basketball tournament, the impact on the youth who participated was enormous. The scores of the games and who won were not what was important, it was the affect on the First Nation players that made the tournament a success. One player in particular said that he had "never had so much fun in his life". He said he was going to get his haircut and quit smoking so he could play basketball.


At a later meeting with the Sto:Lo House of Elders it was learned the boy did get a haircut and has stopped smoking. One of the Elders said that she was extremely appreciative of the efforts of the RCMP toward the First Nation youth.

The success of this tournament has led to the organizing of future sports tournaments, including floor hockey and soccer, involving the First Nation youth and the RCMP.

"A big thank you to all those who participated", said Cpl. Tammy Hollingsworth. "If we, as the RCMP, can touch just one life, it makes everything we do on a daily basis worthwhile."


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