In reality, pleasure boats lose more oil than Trans Mountain tanks have on Burnaby Mountain in more than 50 years.

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wonder how many of these 10,000 people rode bicycles down to the pipeline protest and not in stinking vehicles with exhaust that ends up in Chilliwack?


In 1993, I covered an earth conference and in the scrum upstairs, reporters grilled Suzuki for not riding his bicycle there.


And where were these people 50 years ago when my brother and I hiked all over Burnaby Mountain every weekend including around the tanks. Not a soul around then. Sorry, I don't go for bullshit.

What protestors don't realize is that there's so much runoff from streets and everything that surrounds the inlet that I wouldn't eat a fish from there now as it is. So when you look at this photo tell me that Burrard Inlet is pristine and not a cesspool.

Protestors are feeding people nothing burgers. They're taking a buckshot approach to the pipeline, while trumpeting their opposition to it every inch of the way saying there will inevitably be a spill.




My inbox is constantly brimming over with the standard protest mantra.

Is KM going to push this $14 billion big kahuna through to an absolute pristine coastline someplace else in BC in the middle of nowhere to a place that local protestors can't get to? There's no discernible reason why they won't. Right now they're a cat in a flock of pigeons.

This leviathan is going through either in Burrard Inlet or on a pristine part of BC's Coastline with a poor cleanup response. At least in the inlet they have a chance to respond quickly.

If citizens want to fight, there's going to be police beatings, jail, and charges.

Protest leaders with flowers in their hair are tossing out pixie dust on 10,000 cutouts who really need to excavate some coherent thoughts about all of this.

My thoughts have been muted until now. Maybe they'll stop feeding me information about what they're doing. Hard to say.

When protestors read this no doubt they'll be calling a priest to exorcise me and get God to dish out a good spanking. I assure you I won't be puking green soup. I'm firm in my opinion and everyone's got one. Do you mind?

I'm not part of the media mafia presstitutes. This is indie media talking. I'm a good guy. I'm a member of COSTCO too.

With all due respect, please don't hand me a bowl cultural cow shit and a spoon. Everyone drives a vehicle. I can't give the protests a ringing endorsement. The key to this conundrum is Burrard Inlet.





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