They invest their time and effort into Mother Nature.












The Chilliwack Field Naturalists on a trip to Bontain Valley.









ou're out for a nature walk on Chilliwack's wildlife refuge along the Hope Slough. A thick fog settles in over the sanctuary. You try not to disturb the denizens while picking your way down through to areas surrounded by dead trees and thick shrubs. You might be lucky enough to spot a cormorant, a grebe, hawks, bald eagles or even a great blue heron or two—which are synonymous with Chilliwack.

It's an entire ecosystem within a stone's throw of a major walking path. The Hope River estuary is the crown jewel of Chilliwack with some of the most diverse waterfowl in the Fraser Valley.

Feral cats prey on nests and then the birds are forced to fan out to other locations. Eventually, there are fewer native species where they ought to be.



The Chilliwackfieldnats—no they're not baseball team—are a very small group of unsung heroes in love with the natural world.


They invest their time and effort into Mother Nature. On weekends you'll find them out mentoring youths and laying the foundations and legacies they'll hand down to the next generation.

Among things they do is look for invasive plant species that chew away at the native greenery and other plants that shouldn't be there.

Decoys and playing bird call recordings can bring back some of  the indigenous birds, but just walking around the slough and its easy to see that more needs to be done. More people need to become involved.


What the Chilliwackfieldnats do in particular is share their knowledge and demonstrate to the community that there's a lot more to birding and naturalism than gumbo boots and binoculars.


What:   CFN AGM & Dinner

When: 5 pm Tuesday March 20

Who: Speaker -Emily Johnson from Vancouver Marine Rescue Centre www.rescue.ocean.org

Where: IHOP- 45466 Yale Road West / Order from the menu


Chilliwack Field Naturalists' AGM will follow the presentation.

For more information, email Fernando here.

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