Sunday, March 19, 2017 



Riding a Wave of Fitness
Langley clinic Grand Opening March 23

Nancy DeHart, Live Well Clinic


Exercising is fun at Live Well clinics.


raditional gyms catering to fitness-focused Millennials are a dime a dozen, but Langley now has an innovative new boutique gym for boomers trying to stave off aging.

Dubbed as the “anti-gym,” LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic provides customized medical fitness programs, inspirational coaching, clinical oversight and a welcoming environment to baby boomers with chronic diseases or who are simply seeking a healthier lifestyle.

More than sixty per cent of those aged 50-64 are currently diagnosed with at least one chronic health condition as a result of obesity. LIVE WELL saw a gap in the healthcare system for utilizing exercise as medicine, and has impacted thousands of boomers’ lives in the Lower Mainland to-date, enabling doctors to prescribe lifestyle changes to their patients.

With ninety-five per cent of LIVE WELL’s members coming from doctor referrals, the clinics cater to boomers who have been prescribed a “healthier lifestyle” but don’t know where to start. LIVE WELL is different than a typical gym as it offers monitors members’ blood pressure, heart rate and other healthy vital signs to ensure its members are exercising safely and not putting themselves at risk, while also keeping their doctors apprised of their progress.

“Regular exercise at the right intensity can reduce the risk of premature death by up to fifty per cent,” says Sara Hodson, founder of LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic. She will be giving a free talk at the Grand Opening of LIVE WELL Langley on Mar. 23


Theme: How to be successful at making lasting lifestyle changes


What: Grand Opening of New Clinic

When: March 23, 6pm

Where: 113 - 20353 64th Ave., Langley BC


For more information please visit the LIVE WELL website here or via e-mail here.