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The Green Mile

Party platform revealed, local website opens its doors

Wayne Froese, Green Party BC/Voice file photos


Froese's campaign is off and running on clean water heading into the BC elections. Here, he's holding and brining awareness to drivers with a big blue drop in July 2014.


n Wednesday, the campaign team for BC Green Party Chilliwack, makes two important

The release by the BC Green Party: "Strategy for the New Economy: Innovation and Sustainable Enterprise" the first in a series of Policy Platform initiatives for moving BC in a newer better direction; and the launch of the Chilliwack campaign website.

Preliminary details of the Economy Strategy platform plank, make up part of the range of information available on the campaign website. Policy expansion and updates  will follow as BC Green Party releases further components of it's Platform.  The PC GREEN POLICY GUIDE already provides a broad framework of principles and guidelines from within main Priorities: HEALTH, SAFETY, STANDARD OF LIVING, ECOLOGICAL BALANCE, and FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY.

Froese at Rally for the environment at Five Corners in July 2014. Above, handing out flyers at Safeway against farmed fish.

BC Greens candidate for Chilliwack, Wayne Froese stated: "Our team is pleased and gratified with the framework for economic strategy released by our Party today, because it is based on intergenerational sustainability and innovation.  That is what I and my team embrace most strongly : the interaction of economy and job growth, with ecological balance.  These are not mutually exclusive." 

Froese added, "Green Party leader Andrew Weaver has it right when he states that our Government has one job that is more important than anything else: to support all British Columbians in living healthy and prosperous lives.  That starts with a healthy economy, and that is an economy that closes the gap between rich and poor."

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