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Roadside Attraction

City plans to add artwork to roundabout

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The city plans to install some type of artwork that requires electricity in the centre of the Evans Rd roundabout.


ttraction or distraction, but just to make sure drivers are as distracted as possible at an already dangerous intersection, the visionaries at City Hall have come up with a new plan to pretty up the roads by adding a public art display dead centre of the Evans Rd roundabout.


Apparently, flowers and trees aren't good enough.


So last December, the patriarchic staff at City Hall put out the call for artists and concepts and received 12 submissions for installation by fall of this year.


According to the council agenda for the next meeting March 7, the make-work art project proposals now go to the Chilliwack Public Art Advisory Committee to make a choice.


It really doesn't matter what it is, just as long as it's something the City can hang their flag on and residents can do back flips over.


You don't have to be a quantum physics scientist to see this hair brained scheme puts it into the same category as cell phones.


The Cambridge Record notes that there were 86 crashes in 17 months at their roundabout. Despite that, the City of Chilliwack has lulled residents into accepting them by indicating roundabouts have been shown to reduce fatal crashes by 90 per cent. Is the City hiding the actual data?


This plan comes from the highest paid municipal staff in BC. (Even a low-level staffer recently boasted he gets paid $16 an hour to stand there and do nothing.) 


At any rate, after fleshing it out, staff and council decided they want Chilliwack to have a higher profile to drivers barreling down the Trans Canada. Doing this means it'll have to be tall and no doubt it'll flash "Chilliwack" on it somewhere at the top for the highway and something lower to keep drivers using the roundabout happy. Mountains, corn, fish?


Despite roads battered by winter weather, and a huge snow and ice removal that buried the budget, somehow funding was found for this project. Gobsmacked yet?


The purpose of the artwork there is to "enrich the visual environment" and the City will "provide electrical service to the artwork, base foundation, structural engineering services, coordination of installation of the artwork with the artists and complimentary landscaping."


Aside from being a redundant, permanent art fixture, there's also the aspect of a significant traffic nightmare the project will bring.


Talk about distracted driving.



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