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  Sunday, March 26, 2017 


With a Little Help From My Friends

A scrappy way for the NDP to win the elections



t was a push for Mike Harcourt's NDP on October 17, 1991 when he was catapulted over Vander Zalm's discombobulated Liberal crew –without even having majority of the vote.


The reason why he won was because the Greens, and some strong Independents, stole enough votes to be the spoilers allowing the NDP to topple the Liberals.


Same thing now. Except the NDP are facing off against a tight Liberal government who've been spending untold amounts of taxpayer money over the last year cheering up communities in the run-up to the election.

In plain English, the only shot the NDP has at winning this election is with a little help from their friends.

It's a scrappy way to do things, but look up "politics" in the dictionary and it's not exactly a nice word.



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