Thursday, Mar 2, 2017 


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Bozzini's Turns 35

Fresno and Toronto intersect March 17

Mano Asprakis, Bozzini's Restaurant



ot your typical St. Paddy's show, but it will be the best one around. Two great artists for the price of one. Come and discover the gritty Blues of Fresno, California’s Lance Canales (making his Canadian debut) and Toronto, Ontario’s Rob Moir.

Who: Lance Canales and Rob Moir (double bill) Early & Late Shows
When: Friday, March 17

• Early Show - Doors 4:00 Show 6:00 Tickets $ 18
• Late Show -  Doors 8:00 Show 9:00 Tickets $ 20

Tickets on sale now at Bozzini’s or call 604 792 0744 to reserve.


Early show link with videos and more here.
Late show link with videos and more here.


Bozzini's 4-45739 Hocking Ave. Visit the website for more information here.




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