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Family Means Love

International Women's Day highlights domestic abuse

Patti MacAhonic, Ann Davis Transition Services/Voice file photo


A woman lies on the ground while an off-duty paramedic talks with her. Sadly, a young child is crying in the truck.

lthough it is 2017 and many may think that violence against women and children is not as prevalent as it has been in the past, the reality is that even in the Fraser Valley it is prevalent and has high social and economic costs to us all.

Housing is a crucial issue for women and children experiencing violence. Timely access to safe, secure and affordable housing is a needed component enabling a woman to leave a violent partner and to prevent homelessness.

Our society expects women to leave violence but they are in danger if they are not able to access safe, affordable housing in a timely manner.

The facts are that they face the real risks of homelessness and further violence if they return to the abusive partner. The limited number of safe beds for women and children leave women and children in our communities homeless, at risk of homelessness, couch- surfing, living in vehicles or other unsafe or substandard accommodation or returning to the abuser.

The current situation of highly unaffordable housing has a serious ripple effect. Transition houses are keeping women and children much longer than ever before, there is no room in the houses at many times, this is keeping women in children in danger in violent situations.

Patti MacAhonic, Executive Director of Ann Davis Transition Services strongly encourages us to work together on this International Women's Day 2017, saying, "let's work together to end violence against women and children by advocating for the most vulnerable among us.

We need government to invest in violence against women support services, affordable housing, stronger criminal justice responses, income assistance and $10 a day childcare, this would help in alleviating and offset what this pervasive social problem already costs BC, and to recognize that violence against women and children is our shared responsibility.

For more information on how you can get the help you need contact the Ann Davis Transition Society via e-mail here by phone at 604 792 2760 or, visit the Ann Davis website here.


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