Tuesday, March 12, 2013


The Death of Liberty

Christie's passing leaves a gap in freedom fight

Submitted by Clive Edwards, WBP Chwk


onday afternoon lawyer Doug Christie passed away. I got to know Mr. Christie originally through our work on the Bruce Montague case and later with the Western Block Party.


Doug was an idealist who dedicated his life to preserving and promoting Liberty, a concept too few people understand. He was a freedom fighter who truly walked the walk, whatever the personal cost.


His wealth was not in money but in the respect and love of his family and many friends. Many of Doug's clients were not wealthy but were willing to stand on principle. Doug was willing to stand beside them on principle without payment in many cases, not because he believed in what they said but rather in their right to say it.

Doug was fighting for our rights in court up to a few weeks before his death from cancer. We have lost our bravest and best freedom fighter, our protector against the evil George Orwell warned us about.

Love and condolences to Keltie Zubko, Doug's wife and their children. I pray Keltie can continue to carry the torch of Liberty.



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