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The Troubled Traders

Inn resident pepper-sprayed and robbed by two attackers

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The victim of a robbery at the Traders Inn Saturday speaks with RCMP. Below, police assist suspect later found overdosing on heroin.


n Saturday, at around 4:30 P.M., just as Chilliwack was at it's quietest, all manner of hell broke loose at the Traders Inn, for a man who called police saying he'd been beaten, pepper-sprayed and robbed of $500 in cash and his cell phone by two men—one armed with a gun and the other a knife.


According to reports, the assailants gained access to the unit by crawling in through a bathroom window, and then attacked the resident striking him in the head. However, that has not been confirmed by police at this time.


Scratches were seen on the victim, along with what appeared to be red stains, possibly from a neutralizing agent used by paramedics to treat pepper-spray victims, or from the substance itself.


The man was holding the back of his head and looked to be in some degree of pain. Paramedics eventually took him to Chilliwack General Hospital.

A short time later, police were called to Bernard Elementary School where they found a man apparently overdosing on heroin. The man was carrying a cell phone which purportedly belonged to the robbery victim.

The suspect was placed under arrest and handcuffed, and later began to vomit. Police have survival first aid skills and kept him in the "recovery position" until BC Ambulance paramedics could attend.

It's not known if any weapons were found on the suspect, or what happened to the second suspect. Mounties were seen checking Salish Park nearby.

The Traders Inn is one of Chilliwack's crime hotspots. Police are frequently called to the complex which houses mostly low income people.


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