Sunday, March 17, 2013


The Politics of Food

Do burgers really buy votes?



MLA Gwen O'Mahony (C) had families at her office for pizza and prizes Saturday.


e know who MLA Gwen O'Mahony and NDP canadidate Patti MacAhonic are because they have a very visible presence in the community. This, due to the fact that they're out there getting to know people in their respective ridings. But who are local Liberal candidates Laurie Throness and John Martin?

While Throness and Martin are looking forward to a BBQ with Fantasy Farm pal Gary Moron at some for-profit event, where you have to pay to get in, MacAhonic and O'Mahony aren't waiting around for a burger-flipping gig, they're out solidifying support in the community now no charge.

Chamber flunkie Moran is obviously trying to find ways to increase attendance at his event, so why not harness up ol' Martin and Throness? They're sure people will want to pay to to meet the candidates.

If you wanted to meet O'Mahony, you could have dropped by her office on Young Rd. Saturday where she was giving money away, and pizza, to kids in the community. MacAhonic was also available on Saturday at her campaign office opening and had piles food and home baked goodies no charge.

Martin and Throness are waiting for the election to come to them. In contrast, MacAhonic and O'Mahony are going after the election.

We get it. The two Liberal candidates are relying on the polarized vote to pave the way to Victoria for them. If voters are dingleberries, then yes, the Liberal candidates are going to get elected on the backs of greasy burgers and cheesy advertising.

MLA Gwen O'Mahony sent the Voice a note Sunday.

As follows.

"I didn't get a chance to say thank-you for covering the Pizza Party Awards Ceremony last night. Each student thanked me for providing such a great opportunity for them to participate in a media contest. I must say, I left my office last night feeling really great because it was evident that the contest planted a seed of confidence in each of the participants I spoke to. And I encouraged each of them to continue to challenge themselves and not to shy away when an opportunity or a contest presents itself in the future," wrote O'Mahony.

"I really do love my job!"

"Again, it's always great chatting with you. I look forward to reading your coverage of both the office opening and the Pizza Awards Ceremony and seeing your great photos."


How can you not love people like that?

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