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Bend It Like Bikram

Introducing Yoga school kids

Released by Donna Dixson, CHHC



onverting a school portable into a studio and introducing 25 girls to yoga might be a stretch but Off the Matís owner Christie Weightman is up for the challenge and excited to share her passion for this healthy activity!


Chilliwack Hospital & Health Care Foundationís Chloe Popove is running a pilot project with PE instructor and teacher Barb Kroekerís Family Management class.


The purpose is to engage a younger demographic in living a healthy lifestyle.


"I am finishing up the last 2 weeks of my Public Relations Diploma Program at Kwantlen so I know what itís like to be busy and think you do not have the time to work out. I also know that when I donít take care of myself by eating well and exercising, my schoolwork suffers and I canít handle stress as well. I am a recent graduate of CSS and am really excited to have the chance to come back and share what I have learned with these girls," explains Popove. "I think people underestimate the power of really good endorphins. It was perfect timing meeting Christie and taking one of her classes; I knew she would be perfect for the start of this project, because she is a great role model and actually lives what she teaches."


Donna Dixson, Director of Community Relations, asked Chloe to take on this project as part of her practicum with the CHHCF.


"We are thrilled to have this opportunity to reach this particular age group and get involved with Chilliwack Senior. Barb Kroeker is an outstanding teacher who really wants to help her students recognize how healthy living choices will impact the rest of their lives. This pilot project has the potential to grow into something we can use throughout Chilliwack to encourage high school students to live healthy," said Popove.


"The real opportunity here is to get these young people exposed to the many ways they can incorporate active living and healthy eating into their busy lives and get them engaged as partners in making Chilliwack the healthiest community in British Columbia."


Katrina Bepple, is responsible for CHHCF Program Implementation and is equally excited about this initiative.


"One of the main goals around our Children and Youth priority is to have every school in Chilliwack involved in our Healthy Kids Initiative, and this is a great way to engage secondary schools. The fact that Chloe has recently graduated and is such an enthusiastic ambassador for healthy living makes her the perfect person to lead this project," she said.


The program will be running every Friday from March 1st to June 7th and will include outdoor activities, keynote speakers and several field trips.


About the Healthy Kids Initiative

The Chilliwack Hospital & Health Care Foundation has established a purpose to improve the health of you and your family. They have four priority areas that include Hospital Initiatives, seniors, Community Health and Children and Youth. CHHCF believes collaboration is essential in achieving their goal to be the healthiest community in British Columbia. Partners in the Healthy Kids Initiative include the Chilliwack School District and the Chilliwack Division of Family Practice.


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