Wednesday, March 6, 2013

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Firefighters come across  heap of empty gas canisters

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Firefighters wearing respirators cautiously check a dumpster on Cook Street Wednesday.



he City of Chilliwack Fire Department was called to an apartment in the 9400 block of Cook St. around 11 A.M. Wednesday after reports of a noxious smell emanating from the dumpster around back.

Firefighters wearing respirators checked the contents of the trash and were seen retrieving a trash bag which contained numerous emptybutane spray cans. RCMP were summoned.

It was later determined that there were no hazardous issues and advised the building owner to have the dumpster emptied as soon as possible.

Butane is a colourless and a highly explosive gas. It's one of the most common gases abused by "huffers" who inhale it to get a high that lasts 5-45 minutes. According to medical reports, these people are most often overcome by nausea for up to 12 hours after a session.

Firefighters found a bag full of empty butane canisters Wednesday.

Propane, air freshener spray cans and butane lighters are also used for the same purpose and are easy for people, including youth, to buy.

One sniff can kill. Every year there are deaths from solvent abuse. Chronic butane abusers risk fatal arrhythmia or respiratory arrest and brain damage.

For more information on how to spot this problem, visit Sniffing Kills  and Inhalant Abuse  and here.


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