Wednesday, March 6, 2013


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Off the Grid  

Petition reaching for 30K against goes to Victoria March 13

Released by Una St. Clair, Citizens for Safe Technology Society


he CST Petition will be presented AGAIN in the Victoria Legislature on March 13, 2013, thanks to support of John Horgan, NDP Energy Critic.


This petition highlights the thousands of people calling for a halt to the Smart Grid.


We have less than 10 days to reach 30,000 signatures, which is our goal and represents a fraction of the people who want this program stopped.


Presenting the Petition in the Legislature is more evidence that the BC Liberals are trashing our democratic processes and must be ousted from power. If you or your friends have not already signed the online petition, please go ahead and sign.


If you have paper copies of the petition to send in, please scan and e-mail here.


Sign the petition here.

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