Tuesday, March 12, 2013


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As Green As It Gets

Chilliwack's water woes inspire Reimer's political ambition

Submitted by Kim Reimer, BC Greens


n Sunday, the Voice ran a release regarding the BC Green Party's candidate select, Kim Reimer. Following that release we contacted her for more information.


I have been a citizen of the community of Chilliwack for most of my life. I have been married to my husband, Jake, for 7 years and together we are proud to raise our 3 year old daughter in one of the most amazing communities in the world.


As someone who grew up in Chilliwack I can't imagine raising my family anywhere else. From the schools to the community programs, Chilliwack has helped shape me into the person I am today and there is nowhere else I would rather call home.

Recently, the Fraser Health Authority issued a mandate forcing Chilliwack to chlorinate it's water supply. As a concerned citizen I felt it was my civic responsibility to do something. Together, with the team at 360 Media, we created the online campaign www.chilliwackwater.com  which was designed to help give the community a forum with which to express their views on this mandate. It is this campaign that inspired me to run for MLA in the upcoming election.

Chilliwack needs an MLA who will stand up for it's citizens and listen to their concerns. I am not a politician, but Chilliwack doesn't need a politician. Chilliwack needs an MLA with a voice who is willing to raise it when they see injustice; Chilliwack needs someone who will not stand by while unelected officials ignore the will of the community. My first obligation will always be to the citizens of Chilliwack, to ensure their voice is heard and they never feel ignored.

Chilliwack deserves someone whose first and only goal is the preservation of the rights of it's citizens and a proponent who will always put Chilliwack's best interests first and fight to ensure that the communities rights and citizens are protected.




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