Saturday, March 16, 2013


Is the Season Still On?

ISO hockey heroes



t's a shame, but get it right, there are no hockey heroes. The Voice wholeheartedly supports local amateur and community sports, but we won't back the Prospera Centre juniors because of the racket that hockey has become.


A hockey hero is an NHL player who'd take a measly $100k/year and donate the rest of the loot he's paid from overpriced tickets to charities that help kids see a game. But not these guys.


They all want as much as they can get and help ensure that it costs $500 to take the family to a see an NHL game. It's because of that, you won't find any Prospera hockey game reports on the Voice's pages.


Glen Ringdal, who can't even bring in an entertainment show without it being a fiasco, has somehow  managed to dupe Chilliwack city hall into believing his team is worth the price of admission and more.


For me, it's far more gratifying cheering for sports and athletes who mean something, like the Special Olympics athletes in the city.


If people backing the Chiefs ran behind the police on the Special Olympics Law Enforcement Run, just imagine the difference in those lives they'd make. The same with those pretentious cash mobs. What would happen if they paid attention to charities? It's not as glorious, but it would mean more to more people.


It's way more fun for me stumbling along on the Special Olympics run, and my legs were run over by a semi truck, than it is to sit through a Chiefs game.


The truth is, the majority couldn't give a fat rat's ass what happens at Prospera Centre because there's no such thing as a hockey hero.









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