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A Change of Seasons

MacAhonic more than ready to take on the Liberals in May

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Longtime NDP supporter Marie "Rusty" Craig (L) and NDP candidate Patti MacAhonic, share the excitement at the office opening last Saturday. Below, Soowahlie elder Margaret Commodore talks with MacAhonic.


pring has arrived heralding a May election and Chilliwack candidates are busily gearing up for it with office openings, meets and greets and various community events.


Last Saturday, Patti MacAhonic, NDP candidate for the Chilliwack riding, threw open the doors of her campaign office at 45840 Yale Rd. to about 80 enthusiastic supporters.


MacAhonic is currently looking for volunteers who are interested in signing up in what she calls an "Adopt-A-Neighbourhood" program that would have people doorknock in an area of their choice.


When addressing supporters, campaign manager Brian McIvor called them "secret weapons" and expressed his confidence in an NDP riding victory.

"We're a very powerful force here," he said. "There's 60, 70, 80 people in this room and if every one of you were to go out and adopt a neighbourhood poll between now and May 14 to talk to the voters on the doorstep, to encourage them to get out and vote for the NDP, we will win Chilliwack."

He said they need to focus on getting people interested enough to vote because in the last election, the NDP won the Nowel St. poll by a slim margin of only 4 votes because only 38 out of a possible 333 people actually cast ballots.

"I think that's a sad thing in a democracy, and I think in this election, more of them are going to get out, and more of them are going to vote NDP, and that's how we're going to win Chilliwack — neighbourhood by neighbourhood by neighbourhood."

MacAhonic, who is expecting party leader Adrian Dix to pay a visit next month, was elated with the turnout at new her office.

"Its really nice to see the different ages and backgrounds," she told the Voice.

She said she's been seeing a steady stream of people ditching the Liberals in favour of the NDP and gives an example of a couple in business locally who recently converted.

"This is the first time I met them and they gave me a campaign donation and said until then, they were lifetime Liberal supporters."

"I had a fairly prominent business owner who wrote me a sizeable cheque last week and he said 'my hand is shaking, I've never written a cheque to the NDP', and I said 'it will get easier the more you write,'" she said laughing.

"People know that the Liberals' time has come, it's time for change for the better, really it is. People are excited and they've got hope," MacAhonic said. "I look at Tommy Douglas, I look at Jack Leighton, these are people that really cared and put it all on the line. I care and I'm out there putting it all on the line for our community and I'm going to do it."

"We need a better chance, we need hope and I see the amount of money being spent, the era of entitlement that I see—enough. I think people are ready."

Download MacAhonic's campaign office speech Part One and Part Two.


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