Wednesday, March 6, 2013

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No Silence on Violence  

Standing together March 8 and beyond

Released by Jennifer Woodroff, Asst. to MLA Gwen O'Mahony/Tracey Porteous EVA BC website photo


he Community Office and Chilliwack Chapter of Soroptimist International have received the following letter in support of our joint event celebrating International Women's Day:


Chilliwack International Women's Day Event 2013 ~ Message of Greeting and Support from EVA BC

It is with great pleasure that the Ending Violence Association of BC takes this opportunity to acknowledge the incredible community spirit and commitment to ending the violence against women and girls that has brought everyone together at this International Women's Day event in Chilliwack.

We are thrilled to know the theme of today's event is "Standing Together: United Against Violence" and that you will be spending time today exploring how everyone has an important role to play in breaking the silence on violence against women.

Some of you may be familiar with EVA BC's Be More Than a Bystander campaign which is a ground-breaking partnership with the BC Lions Football Club that was created to encourage everyone, including men and women and youth, and people from all cultures and all communities, to take ownership of the issue of violence against women and girls.


Through this successful campaign, communities and individuals are committing to participate in creating important, positive social change through speaking up and breaking the silence surrounding violence against women! We hope you all feel as positive about this campaign as we do! Imagine the difference that can be created if the vast majority of men who do not use violence began to speak up to the minority who do. This is what social change is all about!

One of the greatest things about the Be More Than a Bystander campaign is seeing the incredible response it's been getting from all across our Country! Men speaking up about this issue is an idea whose time has come and we are indebted to the BC Lions for stepping up and to people such as yourselves for all the ways you are addressing this issue. It is clear now that men and women and youth of all ages want to be part of the solution to end violence against women and girls.


This will never again be seen as "just a women's issue", but something we all take very seriously as an issue that will take all of us working together to solve. Together, positive change is not just possible, it is inevitable and never doubt the power of what you are doing today! You are sending a powerful message to those affected by this kind of violence and abuse - no one deserves this and it is all of our responsibility to speak up!

Have a great day; congratulations for launching such a positive event and thank you for picking up the torch and moving forward!

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