Monday, March 25, 2013

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Man injured after mobility scooter struck in crosswalk

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Injured man is attended to by first responders and a bystander Monday.


ust after 9 A.M. on a bright and sunny Monday, a man in a mobility scooter was struck in the crosswalk at Wellington Ave. and College St.

Although the scooter looked to be a write-off, the man was more fortunate and appeared to have suffered only minor injuries.

It's not known exactly what happened to cause the accident, but it is possible that sun in the driver's eyes obscured the crosswalk.

Sometimes, a combination of dirt on a windshield and sunlight can make it virtually impossible to see properly.

Mobility scooter operators have been known to dart out very quickly from the sidewalk which can set-up a scenario for an accident. With the nice weather, and more pedestrians on the street, both drivers and those out on the street should take extra caution in traffic.

Be safe.

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