Tuesday, March 12, 2013


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The Day the Gas Leaked

Maple Ave. shut down after pipe breaks

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A Fortis BC employee speaks with firefighters after locating a gas leak Monday.


he fire department took no chances with gas line break just after 4 P.M. on Monday and shut down the 46000 block of Maple and surrounding streets.


According to a neighbour, a man working across the street on a bobcat excavator, dragged some debris over a section of buried pipe then suddenly heard hissing and smelled natural gas coming from a front yard across the street.


Fortis BC clamped the line off after a technician sourced the leak so crews were able to move in and repair it.


It's a good idea to know where the main gas valve is where you live and learn how to shut it off so that n the event of an emergency, or natural disaster, you can turn it off immediately and not wait for emergency crews to arrive.


For information about what to do in an emergency, visit Fortis BC Natural Gas Safety page here.





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