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ICBC spends $156K on Chilliwack Roads

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ou’ve likely driven by Vedder Road and Luckakuck Road and noticed the side traffic signal head was relocated to a more visible location. This is one of 15 road improvements ICBC invested in last year to help make Chilliwack roads safer for everyone.


ICBC launched the safer roads program in 1989, and since then, has invested over $110 million in road improvement projects and safety studies across B.C. In 2012, ICBC invested approximately $4 million in the Lower Mainland and $8 million in projects and safety audits across the province.


“Road improvements deliver real value to everyone on our roads, from drivers to pedestrians,” said John Dickinson, ICBC’s director of road safety.


“We’ll continue to invest in road safety initiatives that help us reduce claims costs to keep rates as low as possible for our customers.”


All proposed road improvement projects are assessed based on their ability to make roads safer. The most recent evaluation of the program concluded that overall, for every dollar invested, ICBC and its customers see a return of five times the investment. The evaluation found that two years following a project’s implementation, there is on average, a 20 per cent reduction in severe crashes and a 12 per cent reduction in property damage crashes. More importantly, the benefits of road improvements continue well beyond two years.


“This funding will increase traffic safety on Vedder Road and Luckakuck Road,” said John Les, MLA for Chilliwack. “It’s a valuable investment that will make a real difference for our community.”


ICBC also participates in engineering studies and assists communities in the planning of roadways and managing traffic. As road improvements are implemented, it also requires drivers to adopt new driving behaviours, such as adjusting to traffic pattern changes and understanding the rules of the road. The majority of crashes are preventable and have more to do with driver error than road engineering. Drivers need to do their part by making smart driving decisions and avoiding crashes.


Over the last 23 years, ICBC’s safer roads program has evolved significantly – community investments and successful partnerships have led to award winning projects and the contributions have helped advance the knowledge of the road safety engineering industry in B.C. and across Canada.


Safer roads projects completed in Chilliwack in 2012:





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