Tuesday, March 19, 2013


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House Call

Hope River Rd blaze caught in time before destroying home

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Chilliwack firefighters vent a home on Hope River Rd.


doctor on-duty at Chilliwack General Hospital had to make an emergency house call at around 1 A.M. Tuesday—to his own home.

According to a witness who called the fire in, the man was alerted to the blaze by the home's alarm system. Upon arriving, he ran inside and dragged out a hamper of burning clothing that was near the furnace, then ran back inside with a garden hose and attacked the blaze himself.

"I wouldn't go in there, I've seen too many movies about fires," she said.

The woman initially drove by the home in the 46000 block of Hope River Rd. three times before she pulled into the driveway to offer her assistance to the home owner, who was coughing from inhaling smoke.

Emergency crews were on the scene within minutes and vented the structure.

There were no injuries and it's not known what caused the fire. Watch the Voice for more details later.


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