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Thwarting Thieves

Fraser Valley's top ten stolen vehicles

Sourced by staff from Chilliwack City Hall report


CBC has partnered with Chilliwack RCMP Detachment to help protect drivers of older model vehicles from auto theft. Police Auxiliary Officers and Crime Prevention Volunteers will offer free steering wheel locks to local residents who own a vehicle that does not have an immobilizer installed in it.


Although the number of vehicle thefts and theft from vehicles has decreased in the last few years, last year showed an increase in Chilliwack. We need to remain diligent about all forms of crime because the thieves are still out there waiting for an opportunity.


"RCMP have been told by thieves, if you leave your valuables in plain view, they will steal them."


You can change this, remove all valuables. Thieves know which vehicles are easiest to steal and break into, which is why they target older models that are not equipped with an antitheft device.


The top-ten stolen vehicles

Honda Civics

Ford F series trucks

Honda Accords

Chrysler (Dodge/Plymouth) Ram

Chrysler (Dodge/Plymouth) Caravan/Voyager

Chevrolet/GMC Silverado/Sierra

Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee

Acura Integra

Ford Econoline

Mazda B Series trucks

Volunteers will also identify vehicles that are at high risk of auto theft and provide an Operation Lock-Up Flyer, offering a free club steering wheel lock. Those vehicle owners, who receive the offer, will be directed to Chilliwack Community Policing Office to pick up a free steering wheel lock while supplies last.


Top Items Stolen from Vehicles


personal electronics

such as laptops

work tools

credit cards and ID

stereo equipment

cash and change

car parts

garage door openers

sunglasses and keys

Auto Crime Prevention Tips

Lock your vehicle

Invest in a good anti-theft device

Don't leave anything in your vehicle

Look for a welt-lit, open area, near pedestrian activity if you're parking outside

Never assume your vehicle won't attract a thief

Avoid buildup of old insurance decals when applying new ones

Be sure to watch the gate close each time you leave or enter secure parking areas

Keep an extra key with you, not in the vehicle

Note: This list records the make and model of vehicles stolen in B.C. from January 1,2012 to December 31,2012. All vehicles whether they appear on this list or not are at risk of theft. To help protect your vehicle, it's worth investing in the best anti-theft system you can afford. Electronicimmobilizers are effective in preventing theft and can qualify vehicle owners for a discount on auto insurance. But no anti-theft device is foolproof.


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