Friday, March 22, 2013

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Cyclist Down

Rider suffers minor injuries in traffic mishap   

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BC Ambulance paramedics attend to an injured cyclist on Friday.


real live cyclist was almost really hurt after smacking into a pickup truck at Wellington Ave. and Corbould St. at around 11 A.M. on Friday.


Thankfully, the cyclist suffered only slight injuries, however the expensive bicycle he was riding wasn't as fortunate.


This rider was more than just a recreational rider. Not one of those miscreants you see riding around on kids bicycles, window and yard shopping at 2 A.M. He had the right gear, including the all-important helmet.


He was also riding with clip-ins that anchor the shoes to the pedals. These kinds of shoes are used for speed because while one leg pushes down, the other pulls up.


This particular intersection is a 4-way stop and many times a rider will not completely stop at an intersection, especially when clipped-in, because it means having to free one foot. That, in combination with a driver who may have been in a hurry, and gunning it off the stop line, may have been contributing factors in this accident.


It's unclear if that was the case here, but the important thing is that the rider was not seriously injured. He was taken to Chilliwack General Hospital to be checked out.


To be on the safe side, cyclists should heed stop signs and not risk life and limb by taking chances and assuming they're visible to drivers.


ICBC crash maps indicate there have been 20 vehicle accidents at that corner, however cyclist accident statistics aren't available.



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