Monday, March 18, 2013


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Silky Smooth Tarmac

Expect delays starting in April as Chilliwack Lake Road gets facelift

Released by the BC Liberal Caucus/Google image


ork will resume in April on a $1.9 million contract for repairs and resurfacing on Chilliwack Lake Road and Columbia Valley Rd.


“These repairs will improve road safety for drivers, cyclists, and tourists. Since these roads are situated along bodies of waters, I am particularly pleased to see funding go towards these two roads,” said MLA John Les in a release Monday.


Why this matters

• Surface improvements on these side roads will benefit local residents and tourists with an improved road surface and a safer, smoother ride.

• Wider paved shoulder will improve safety for cyclists.

• Surface drainage on both roads will be improved making the roads safer and also reducing road cracking over time resulting in lower maintenance costs.


Additional Information

• Martens Asphalt Ltd. of Chilliwack was awarded the contract last September.

• Work began last October and is resuming after a seasonal break, and completion is expected in late April.

• Columbia Valley Road work will include patching, levelling, and resurfacing of about 1,000m of road.

• Chilliwack Lake Road work includes 8 km of resurfacing between the municipal boundary and Tamahi Bridge.

• On both Chilliwack Lake Road and Columbia Valley Road the paved shoulder will be widened to improve safety for cyclists.


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