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Chilliwack Community Services helps build vibrant neighbourhoods

Released by James Challman, CCS


f the community were a ship, then Chilliwack Community Services would be at the helm. The following is a release from the desk of CCS executive director  James Challman.


Chilliwack Community Services is pleased to celebrate provincially recognized "Community Social Services Awareness Month".

Frontline community social service workers and agencies help build safe, healthy, and caring communities but not everyone fully understands the range of services provided by the sector, or the skill and dedication of the more than 15,000 community social services workers in our province (120 workers at Chilliwack Community Services). Community Social Services Awareness month is an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the vital role the sector plays in our lives and in our communities.

Each day, in our community, and across our province, some of our most vulnerable citizens need assistance with basic life issues. And each day, frontline community social service workers are there for them.

Women and children fleeing domestic violence; immigrants and refugees looking for work or coping with language and settlement issues; parents who need child care or infant development assistance; people who are unemployed, seeking job training or skills development; people living in poverty or with addictions; people who need supported social housing or counseling; seniors needing support and advocacy; and aboriginal families who have culturally specific needs around one or more of these issues.

Additional information, including related media and events throughout the province is available at

Chilliwack Community Services is proud to employ frontline community social service workers and acknowledge, with deep appreciation, their skills, dedication, and valuable work.




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