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Bike lanes, road bling and turfing the Ex Park facelift

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p on the Roof

The old Evergreen Hall is getting spruced up with a new $116,000 roof. The heavily used Cheam Leisure Centre gym, the Kinsmen Hall on Hope River and the Chilliwack Search and Rescue guys also want to keep dry, so they are getting new roofs for $285K, $38K and $70K respectively.


Paving Party aka Asphalt Rehabilitation

There's going to be some roadwork this summer. One of the projects is Victoria Ave to Young Rd from College. and Mill St. It will be interesting to see what the end result is. The last time they paved that section of Victoria, the immediately dug across it in several placed which of course ruined the new tarmac.



Street Bling

Another interesting thing to note is that the City is buying 32 centreline road reflectors at a cost of $100 each. What type of road reflectors are these that they need to that expensive? According to the City, they are made from some superman-like material by Stimsonite which are "snowplow-resistant". They’ll probably last longer than the roads themselves.



More Bike Lanes Possible

According to the City, the Provincial Bike BC program is expected to help pay for the Boundary Rd bike lane project to the tune of $22,000. It is hoped that the program will continue this year, at which point City staff will apply for more funding. If successful, it will pay up to 50 per cent of the project cost, for an additional section of paving on Yale Rd.


Turfing the Facelift

City council was all set to spend $280,000 on a refit of the 27-year-old Exhibition Park Stadium, providing the federal government approved their application for $250,000 in funding through  the federal Community Infrastructure Improvement program. Western Economic Diversification Canada denied the request, so the refit will have to wait.


In 2011, council approved funding to convert the Exhibition Park grass field to artificial turf field with the help from a provincial grant which will be done in September 2013, which the City says would have been a great time to refit the stadium as well.


The project would have seen;


1. Insulation, heating, venting for washrooms, concession, storage space

2. Hot water system

3. Electrical upgrades

4. Hand rails for stairs

5. Proper risers for stairs

6. Upgrade sound system

7. Bench seat replacement

8. Side bleacher protection from wind and rain



Upcoming Events


April 8 - Healthy Eating For Seniors

Canada’s revised Food Guide provides the basis for this health promotion workshop presented by the Council of Senior Citizens’ Organizations of BC. Learn how to use food label information while grocery shopping and other strategies for healthy living. For more information call 604-792-1941


When: Monday, April 8 2-3:30pm

Where: Chilliwack Library, 45860 1st Ave


April 10 - Roundabout Class

Bring your questions and concerns and come out to the community Evans Roundabout pavilion.


When: Wednesday, April 10 Time: 5:30 - 7:30 pm

Where: North/East corner of the Roundabout in the Parking Lot


For more information, please call 604-793-2907 or email here.


April 18 - Safer City Open House

Electric Bikes, Scooters & Motorized Wheel Chairs

It can be confusing trying to answer questions such as, ‘can motorized wheel chairs travel on the sidewalk; do people need a licence for electric bikes or can a gas powered cycle be operated like a bike?’


Bring your questions to the Open House and meet with the City of Chilliwack Safer City staff and the RCMP to get the answers to these questions and more.


When: Thursday, April 18 Time: 5:30 - 7:30 pm

Where: Chilliwack City Hall - 8550 Young Rd


April 20 - Earth Day River Cleanup

Local rivers are a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Unfortunately, heavy usage also results in garbage being left behind.


Local residents and recreational users will be cleaning the Fraser and Vedder River banks. This is an Adopt-A-River event. They usually have Tim Horton's coffee. They'll supply the bags.


When: 9-9:30 Registration

Where: Great Blue Heron Reserve


May 11 - City-Wide Garage Sale

Do you have items around your house that you would like to see reused? Participate in the city wide Garage Sale. It's FUN and it's FREE ADVERTISING! Visit  for additional details and to register your property.


Garage Sale