Wednesday March 21, 2012

Fire News

Fire Destroys Service Station

Yarrow residents evacuated after inferno erupts

Released by Ian Josephson, Asst. Fire Chief, City of Chilliwack


Chilliwack fire crews work to knock down the remaining flames at the service station and adjoining building on Wednesday.


t 10:36 this morning, firefighters from Chilliwack firehalls 1, 3, 4 and 6 responded to a structure fire in the 42000 block of Yarrow Central Road.


Upon arrival, firefighters found a 1 storey building, operating as a gas bar, food store with vehicle repair bays and auto body shop fully involved with the fire extending onto the gas pumps and canopy.

Firefighters managed to control the fire but not before the building and contents were completely destroyed.

Two people were working in the building and tried fighting the fire but eventually evacuated the building. One of the workers suffered minor burns to one of his hands and arm.


Assistant Fire Chief Ian Josephson told The Voice on the scene that the injured man drove himself to hospital.

There were no firefighter injuries.

Cause of the fire is considered accidental and is still under investigation.

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