Thursday March 1, 2012


A Powerful Issue

Salmon viability in question as IPPs continue their march into the heart of BC

Submitted by Wendy Bales, FVRD Area C Director


Sakwi Creek courtesy of Wendy Bales.


ot many Board votes affect me so much, but I feel really heartsick on this one. The Sakwi/Weaver Creek Park reserve is such a little jewel for rare habitat.

Sakwi's map reserve has all the best qualities of an excellent park and habitat for species that need older woodlots, if this goes through, much of the esthetics and viability for spawning will be lost as well as what the tourists come from Europe and Asia to see. Much the way some feel about Sumas Mountain as a park that would be degraded by yet another gravel pit next door, I believe that Sakwi Creek and park value will be lost if this IPP goes through.


In a 2010 Harrison Watershed Habitat Status report for DFO, in the executive summary it notes that;

"Sakwi Creek is the most vulnerable to discharge instability, due to its denuded headwaters and high extraction allowances."

Further in the report it notes that the biggest threats are over water allocation, erosion from logging, and road development, and the future threat of an IPP.

I believe that this will add a lot more risk to an already volatile watershed. Remember this vote with the next flash flood when taxpayers have to pay for the clean-up, or when the watershed dries out faster from the extra southern exposure affecting the fish viability.

It still has to go through the provincial process, so there is some faint hope. They in turn will send it back to the Sakwi Power Corp for more self paid studies that will likely have disclaimers for any liabilities. And around it goes.

A few will get the equivalent of their 30 pieces of silver and the masses get to pay 3 or 4 times on their hydro bills. With every new IPP along with other bad choices, B.C. Hydro is that much more in debt with its interest on the rise. Since it is for limited seasonal power that we don't need and for power that we can't store, we may as well be just throwing our money in the


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