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'Riotous, Clever, A Surreal Romp'

Walking Mad at the Cultural Centre March 17

Released by Ann Goodswaard, CACC


Dancers fly through the air in this "visually stunning" performance.



eaping onto the main stage March 17 at 8pm the internationally recognized Ballet BC performs the contemporary ballets Walking Mad and Other Works at the Cultural Centre. Presented by the Chilliwack Arts & Cultural Centre Society this dynamic ballet troupe will feature the brilliant work of award winning choreographer Johan Inger who has created a spectacularly innovative ballet in Walking Mad.

This former Artistic Director of Cullberg Ballet showcases his impressive work as dancers explore the rhythm of the swelling tempo of Ravelís "Bolero". Setting the mood, tension naturally mounts along with the volume and pace of "Bolero" taking us into a dramatic spiral of madness as the music escalates. Visually stunning, Walking Mad is an exciting and dramatic ballet portraying the transformation through spectacular dance maneuvers in this fabulous performance.

"Walking Mad is a riotous hit, a clever, surreal romp set to Ravelís Bolero" states the Boston Globe.

Locally, national and internationally, Ballet BC with their vibrant and varying selection of charismatic works, leads the way in the world of contemporary ballet demonstrating their commitment to excellence in dance. With some of the most innovative and exciting ballet seen on stages today, Walking Mad and Other Works portrays this unique ballet troupeís abilities to push the boundaries brilliantly. With performances at Vancouverís Queen Elizabeth Theatre (QET) regularly in the fall, winter and spring as well as a compliment of community performances, over 25,000 people each season have seen this dynamic ballet troupe perform.

"I love the new direction Ballet BC is taking, itís a thrilling adventure" States an audience member.

Treating the audience to the incredible talents of Ballet BCís artistic director Emily Molnar is the dance performance entitled Between Disappearing and Becoming, a moving theatrical experience that hauntingly takes us to the space where disappearing and becoming are one. Also thrilling audience members is Vitulare, a new performance piece by the rising star of choreography Aszure Barton. Aszureís unique choreography, powerful and engaging, compliments incredible music with the magical movements of dancers, captivating with every move. Walking Mad and Other Works will have you mesmerized.

One of Canadaís leading choreographers Aszure Barton, transports us into a wonderfully creative and powerful place with her newest work, Vitulare. Audience members will be transfixed by the emotion and sophistication of this rising talentís work as dancers take us to another world with ballet. Creating pieces for Mikhail Baryshnikov, The National Ballet of Canada, American Ballet Theater, Sydney Dance Company, Netherlands Dans Theater, The Martha Graham Dance Company and Hubbard Street Dance, Bartonís work is visually arresting and totally unpredictable, mesmerizing to watch as the talented dancers extude life in this sophisticated performance.

The New York Times calls Bartonís work "a rare instance of a dance that feels as if it were plucked straight from the choreographerís extremely specific imagination and set, full-grown onstageÖfull of surprise and humor, emotion and pain."

Ingenious choreographer Emily Molnar explores the boundaries of the expressive body in time and space with a new full-company work in Between Disappearing and Becoming. Artistic Director for Ballet BC, Molnar is a former member of The National Ballet of Canada, Ballet BC and Frankfurt Ballet, leading the avant-guard style of Ballet BC troupe with a passion for research, creation, production and the education of contemporary ballet. Respected and critically acclaimed internationally, Molnar has choreographed for Alberta Ballet, Ballet Mannheim, Ballet Augsburg, Ballet BC, Cedar Lake Dance, Pro Arte Danza and Morphoses/The Wheeldon Company.

Ballet BC is a bold, innovative, and sophisticated troupe with a distinctive style that has made a unique and valuable contribution to the development of dance and art. Honouring the roots and components of contemporary work, the ballet company actively fosters collaborations that support artists, choreographers, and audience members alike as the company furthers the boundaries of ballet.

With Ballet BC bringing a new level of awareness and creative collaborations that are engaging, passionate and transformative, this ballet troupe provides a creative and collaborative environment aimed at creating dance at its most essential: powerful, thought provoking and transformative. A diverse repertoire of Canadian and international contemporary ballet from the late 20th and early 21st centuries brings value and opportunity to the life of the community, Walking Mad and Other Works portrays this spectacularly like no other ballet!

"Our greatest blessings come to us by way of madness" Socrates

The generous sponsors that have helped bring amazing this talent to The Chilliwack Cultural Centre are: Bronze sponsor: Sutton Group Showplace Realty, Media Sponsor: The Chilliwack Progress. To our Government Sponsors: the British Columbia Arts Council, The Province of British Columbia and the City of Chilliwack we thank you for your support.

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