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Roll With It

Voodoo Dollz lace up for a league of their own

Craig Hill/Voice photos


A Faster Pussycat player, in black, lines up against a Voodoo skater at the last roller derby Recruitment Day and scrimmage in February.


hat do women do when they want to keep fit, have fun and enjoy team sport? They dust off their old roller skates, join a roller derby team and whip it good.

Flat Track roller derby is one of the fastest growing community sports in North America. Here in Chilliwack there's a smattering of women devoted to getting enough teams signed-on to eventually establish a league of their own.

For the first three months, players are referred to as "fresh meat". After that, they become a vet and are called "dried blood".


This is no "Roller Boogie" stars skating to the Bee Gees. These are hard-hitting gritty women and they like their ACDC. They rock and they roll but they're not out for blood, or to break bones. They just want to have fun.

In February, the Voodoo Dollz held a Recruitment Day at the Landing Sports Centre on Spadina Ave.

The Voodoo had help from Vancouver team Faster Pussycats of the Terminal City Roller Girl league, who brought out some new players of their own for a friendly scrimmage.

The league games are organized. They've got refs and scorecard keepers and a penalty box.

On Saturday, the facility was split in two with hopefuls and rookies on one side, and the scrimmage on the other.

Meghan Hurst took a minute to speak with The Voice about how things were going on the drive for new players.

For the Voodoo's, it's all about getting new players to form teams and eventually a Chilliwack league. Fourteen players are required to fill a team roster and multiple teams are needed.

Hurst says its not so much a team as it is a league.

"That's what we're aiming for, we've got about 30 right now and so we're going to have more, and that will be really nice."

"Today we had our new recruits and we have a lot of new recruits," she said excitedly. "I'd say like close to twelve, but we only had four skating with us today."

According to Hurst, the Pussycats Fresh Meat players were slightly more advanced than the Voodoo Dollz rookies, but the newbies held their own.

"I did good my first day too," she said. "They all did really really well, and I think it was enough for people who didn't have their skates today, to want to hurry up and get their gear so they can get on the track with us."

Players all have a safety gear and have to be passed their basic skills before they are allowed on the track with the other women.

Quad skates are mandatory. There's no inline skates allowed on the track, except for the refs, but Hurst says skaters can just do more with quads.

"It's highly recommended to use quads and it's way more fun."

"The Voodoo Derby Dollz have just made a change in our usual policy....we usually have set recruitment dates every 4 or 5 months or so, but we have decided to make an 'OPEN DOOR POLICY' that will allow any skaters (or refs or NSO's) to join the Voodoo clan at any given time. We are really excited about this as we have often had inquiries from different people asking to join and being told to wait. Not anymore!"


For more information, visit: www.voodooderbydollz.com


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