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For A Few Dollars More

101.7 CIVL Radio asking UFV students for an increase — for good reason

Suggested by Aaron Levy, CIVL Radio


o you agree to increase CIVL Radio’s student fee from $3 to $5 per semester in order to provide higher quality programming; more opportunities for students and groups; wider scale support for UFV student initiatives and events, and to help service Chilliwack on the FM dial?


It’s Official: UFV’s CIVL Radio Awarded Permanent Industry Canada
Broadcast Certificate

Since its inception in 2003, CIVL Radio has been struggling for a spot on
the airwaves. CIVL Radio first started broadcasting online at
www.civl.cain March 2007. In September 2007, CIVL Radio was approved
to broadcast on 88.5 FM but had problems securing a tower.

In the spring of 2010, CIVL radio changed its frequency to 101.7FM and
partnered on a new tower. Finally, as of March 21st, 2012, CIVL Radio has
been approved for a permanent broadcast certificate and can now be heard at
101.7FM between Langley and Chilliwack. The site of the new tower is at the
end of Ross Road near the Mount Lehman overpass in Abbotsford.

Keep your eyes open for more promotion of CIVL Radio including
advertisements on BC Transit buses in Abbotsford designed by UFV student,
and contest winner, Brian Kavanagh!

March 23rd-28th, students at the University of the Fraser Valley are
encouraged to vote for a small fee increase to support the many initiatives
the station offers. More info can be found at

CIVL 101.7FM is excited to be officially and permanently supplying the
Fraser Valley with diverse, alternative, progressive, informative and
community-oriented programming.

CIVL Survey Response!

CIVL put out a survey through from March 2-9 2012.

309 students responded, and left 409 individual comments to three different short answer questions, with 128 different, unique ways they’d like CIVL to improve the services we provide to students. Below is a response to the most recurrent suggestions:

1. More, bigger events on campus (Battle of Bands, UFV Idol, Festivals, etc.)

CIVL is always trying to find ways to be present at UFV. We provide music and public announcement services at UFV events such as all of the welcome back and orientation week BBQ’s and UFV’s Career Fair, as well as many community and off-campus events.

Additionally since this past September, CIVL also represented at:

A) AAA Day for Clubs and Associations

B) UFV’s Pride Drag King and Queen Pageant

C) UFV Bookstore’s Fall student appreciation day

D) Move-In Day at Baker House

E) Cascade Athletics’ Tailgate Party

F) UFV’s Turkey Relief Benefit Concert

G) Sydney York at Aftermath

H) Old Mare/Magician/41st and Home at Aftermath

I) Science Students’ Association Events

J) Alumni Association Reception at the Envision Athletic Center

K) Friday and Saturday DJ Nights at Cheers Bar and Grill, where students, faculty and staff at UFV receive 10% off of all food items all week long

CIVL takes all requests at all events, provides P.A. microphone and sound tech duties courtesy of equipment from IMS as requested.

CIVL has additionally hosted 4 concerts on campus at U-House since December 2011, free for UFV Students, as well as off-campus concerts in Abbotsford to support local student bands and artists. in 2010-2011 CIVL hosted 30 such events, with a dozen different student acts, grossing over $3,000 to support these artists, making no profit for the station in order to pay performers fairly.

We provide these services free of charge to UFV Departments and student groups, in order to provide access to resources for student groups and departments. We try to do our part to foster involvement in UFV events!

In order for CIVL to hold more on campus events with higher quality, better promotion, and more notoriety of guests, CIVL needs increased funding. While over 10% of survey respondents requested more and bigger scale events, CIVL is unable to do so without a Yes vote in this referendum.

CIVL currently has little to no budget to spend on promotional, technical, repairs, and advertising inclusively as a result of increased fixed costs. We are doing as much as we can with our current budget!

2) Play More Popular, Top 40 Music

CIVL has a Type A Campus and Community license from the Canadian Radio and Television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), meaning that CIVL Radio is mandated by this federal government body to provide alternative content to residents of the Fraser Valley, and caps us at 80% max amount of Pop, Rock and Dance, as well as a 10% max of Top 40 music (Defined as music that has placed in worldwide Top 40 Charts within the past 30 years, excluding Canadian songs released in the past year).

5% of survey respondents requested CIVL played more Top 40 content, and this desire is noted. You will hear increased Top 40 content on CIVL Radio 101.7 FM as a result, although it cannot surpass the 10% max.

If there is music you’d like to see CIVL play more of, make requests any time at, or call 604-851-6307 during live programs!

3) Hold More Contests!

CIVLholds many contests!

In the past year we have given over a hundred tickets away to the following events:

A) Abbotsford Heat Games (80)

B) Bone Thugz N’ Harmony (12)

C) Sydney York at Aftermath (12)

D) UFV Theater Performances (4)

E) Local Amateur Wrestling events (8)

F) Roller Derby Events (many)

G) Vancouver Motorcycle Con (4)

H) Sled Island Music Festival (4)

I) CD’s from Old Mare, Hands and Teeth, Austra (dozens)

J) Held advertising and T-Shirt Design contests

We’d love to be able to promote these giveaways more widely to the UFV Community, but as indicated above, budgetary restrictions limit the amount of funding and resources we are currently able to put towards wide scale promotion.

4) More Interview, Panel, and Discussion Events on Campus

CIVL has programs that invite listeners to drop in for input, like CIVL Unrest (Fridays 12-2 pm), The Vinyl Spinner (Wednesdays 12-3 pm), as well as live politics and current events interview and talk programs like The Way I See It (Monday 10-11 am) and Political Paradigms (Tuesday 10-11 am), which invite your comments and questions via e-mail. ( and

The Way I See It even hosted LIVE on air All Candidates Debates for the Civic and Federal Elections in 2011, something no other campus radio station has done.

As far as engaging in more on campus events, CIVL needs more personnel resources to organize, setup, execute and host these kinds of events. With a Yes vote in this referendum, March 23rd – 28th on, UFV Students will ensure that CIVL can hire a second full time employee, responsible for programming content and volunteer involvement leading to more engaging events and promotions from CIVL Radio for the UFV community.

5) More CIVL On and Around Campus!

CIVL is thrilled that students want to hear 101.7 FM on campus. With your feedback, we hope to be able to work with UFV administration in order to provide you with more access to our messages and outreach. CIVL messages can now be heard on UFV’s Hold Line system, thanks to cooperation with Marcom at UFV, and we hope your responses will result in even more collaboration between UFV and CIVL to give you more opportunities to hear CIVL Radio on campus!

6) Improved Range (Chilliwack)

Have you noticed CIVL coming in clearer and farther?!

This is because on February 14th, 2012, CIVL initiated broadcast from a brand new tower in West Abbotsford, shared with the CBC, which allows CIVL Radio to be heard on 101.7 FM from East Abbotsford all the way to 234th St. in Langley on Highway 1.

With a Yes vote in CIVL’s March 23rd-28th referendum on, CIVL will be able to initiate the work needed to apply for an expansion of range East of Eagle Mountain in order to serve the Chilliwack area with 101.7 FM. CIVL cannot accomplish this goal without an increase in funding, as CRTC application and license expansion procedures require extensive and expensive engineering research to be done.


CIVL is one of the newest Campus members of the National Community and Campus Radio Association (NCRA), and has accomplished an extraordinary amount with limited resources since joining in 2006, working with mostly volunteers to develop a station that has:

1) won two awards in the past year

A) National award for Community Development (NCRC 2011)

B) Regional award for Outreach (Fraser Valley Cultural Diversity Awards 2011).

2) offered programming in 4 languages, every type of music, and all of our content is available on demand right here at .

3) received a grant from the Community Radio Fund of Canada which has provided a UFV Student with an 8 month paid internship producing daily news.

4) hosted FM live on-air All-Candidates debates for the Federal and Mayoral elections, providing residents with background and access to the issues and people.

5) produced two national news broadcasts since May 2011, Groundwire, addressing local and regional issues specific to the University of the Fraser Valley, Abbotsford, and Western Canada.

6) broadcast UFV Cascades Basketball Regular Season and Playoff games, and select Abbotsford Heat home games live on FM for the first time

7) worked with students in nearly a dozen different classes and programs to produce content that was later submitted for marks and course credit. (Documentaries for Film, Ads for Marketing, Sound Art for Multimedia Arts, Promotional Spots for MACS, interviews for Political Science, Sociology, and Psychology, etc.)

8) created, hired, and trained 9 work study students in various positions since September 2010, providing training, work experience, and income for international students.

9) hosted nearly 40 concert events in Abbotsford since September 2010, raising funds for dozens of local and touring bands, and providing alternative entertainment to students and community members right here in Abbotsford!

10) provided promotional outlets for scores of on campus and non-profit events in Abbotsford and the Fraser Valley

CIVL Volunteers have the opportunity to make money from hosting their shows and engaging with show sponsorships from local businesses in the community.

YOU have the opportunity to make money by referring CIVL Radio as an advertiser to businesses that you are familiar with. If you make a referral to CIVL of a local advertiser, for any revenues that CIVL is able to acquire, we will provide you with a 25% commission.

With an increased student fee, CIVL will be able to hire up to 1 new full time positionso a vote YES will add jobs directly to the Abbotsford economy. Hiring for this new position will ensure that CIVL Radio operations are improved by adding resources to the services we provide to students on and off campus, by providing for more, better training opportunities, more promotional activities for students to engage in, more events, and more exposure for the initiatives and issues that affect students most. It will also help us to put together new and focused fund raising initiatives so that CIVL can give even more back to students as a thanks for your support.

CIVL will also be able to upgrade our studio’s technical equipment significantly, providing students and other volunteers with better resources to produce better radio and content that will resonate with more listeners and community members. CIVL currently uses live performance boards to produce our studio programming, which are significantly (85%) less expensive than broadcast boards, for example, in addition to the fact that CIVL requires new equipment to be able to broadcast live from remote sites with high quality and reliability.

CIVL wants to contribute to the growth of Abbotsford and the Fraser Valley as a community and a Region by providing high quality, consistent programming, promotion, support, and infrastructure for the students at the University of the Fraser Valley, as well as the surrounding communities.

This will benefit students, their families, the businesses they work at, own, and support.

Campus/Community radio volunteers have gone on to be professional journalists like CHRW at Western alumni Kevin Newman (Global) and Dan Shulman (ESPN/TSN), CKDU at Dalhousie alumnist Rich Terfry/Buck 65 (CBC Radio 1), current CiTR at UBC volunteer Nardwuar (Much Music), CFRU at U of Guelph alumni Vish Khanna, Michael Barclay, and Helen Spitzer (CBC Radio 3) to name just a small few. CIVL hopes to develop that tradition in the Fraser Valley, encouraging students and youth to seek careers in media, and providing them with the tools, skills, experience, and confidence to be able to do so.


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