Monday March 12, 2012

Smart Meter News

Moratorium Wanted

Coalition filing BCUC appeal

Released by Una St Clair, Smart Meters Coalition


he Coalition to Stop Smart Meters in BC continues to partner with Citizens for Safe Technology Society in legal actions challenging the smart meter program which endangers democratic, civil and human rights in BC.

While it is disappointing that the BC Utilities Commission, once our public protectorate, does not feel this is a serious issue, it must be noted that thousands of British Columbians disagree. In fact, the Union of BC Municipalities has now been joined by 34 individual municipalities voting to uphold democracy calling for a moratorium and/or opt out choice for municipalities and individuals who oppose the current process of smart meter deployment.

There are multiple transgressions to democratic process, civil and human rights with the smart meter program, and the public has the right to know given the risks to everyone and our environment. We are not going away. In fact, as more British Columbians hear about smart meters, and separate truth from industry propaganda, this movement will keep growing as more of the truth becomes evident.

BCUC, with their non-action, has firmly stated that they do not care about the interests of British Columbians. Whether it be the assault upon democracy, civil and human rights, peopleís concerns of health, privacy and safety, risks to the security of our whole electrical grid from hacking, or cost increases which are tantamount to an unapproved rate increase, there are multiple reasons for supporting a full public hearing. Citizens are alarmed with the actions of what appears to be a rogue provincial government.

Itís truly up to the people to stand up at this time, and reclaim democratic process in British Columbia. We are seeing a massive movement happening around the world challenging smart metering technology, and it is just beginning here.

Our political leaders are no longer listening to the will of the people and that will be reflected in the precariousness of their position in the next election. They may enjoy temporary benefits of trampling on democracy and increasing their grip on power, but they must realize that this is short-lived given that people are standing up for their inalienable rights under the Canadian and BC Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The Coalition and CST will take the next legal step of filing a request for Appeal to the BCUC decision, in our efforts to return democratic process to the Smart Meter program.


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