Tuesday March 27, 2012


Day 21: Paramount Pals

Business plan begins to take shape and hear CBC radio coverage April 1

Released by Friends of the Paramount


ou may have noticed the Paramount Poster up in Chilliwack shop windows. Itís a black and white photo of the Paramount Theatre on opening night in 1949.


The iconic bright red Paramount sign can be seen from a distance mounted in many downtown and area business windows. Currently, there are over 100 businesses displaying the poster.


In addition, The Friends of the Paramount have met with many area restaurants to discuss the Paramountís impact on their business. Itís another sign that the community wants to see their historic building saved.

With the city-granted extension to June 21st, The Friends of the Paramount group is very optimistic that a viable business plan can be in place by the deadline. They are currently in discussions with a community group that could be a possible partner. In addition, existing business models are being explored that include running the Paramount as a movie theatre, screening film festivals and movies that would not compete with Galaxy.

The film company from New Brunswick, Hemmings House Pictures is also keeping up to date with the Paramountís situation and will be including the Chilliwack landmark theatre in their upcoming documentary on endangered theatres in North America. And the group just learned the CBC Radio One piece about the Paramount that aired on The Early Edition two weeks ago,
will be aired nationally on the CBC radio show ďIn the FieldĒ Tuesday March 27 and Sunday April 1st.


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