Wednesday March 14, 2012

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Of Paramount Importance

Connect with Friends of the Paramount theatre online

Submitted by Friends of the Paramount/Voice photos


e would like to thank everyone who came out Monday night to the meeting and community consultation to show support for the Paramount.


It was a great turnout and many opinions and ideas came forward that will help to shape the vision for our business plan. We want to keep you informed in as many ways possible about the project, and will be using email to reach you and call out for support as it is needed. Thank you for all your generous offers to help, and your confidence in our committee to represent your ideas and concerns. Listed below are some ways you can be kept informed and also offer your input.*

If you feel inspired to write a letter to mayor and/or council here are their email addresses and we will be adding a form letter you can copy and paste available on our website soon. This is a great way to make your voice heard!

Sharon Gaetz here
Sue Attrill here
Ken Huttema here
Jason Lum here 
Stewart Mclean here
Ken Popove here
Chuck J Stam here

Once again, THANK YOU! and we will be in touch.


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