Sunday March 11, 2012


A Dialysis Fairy Tale

No magic lamps available to kidney patients

Submitted by Elaina Wugalter, Chilliwack 


Elaina Wugalter talks with Adrian Dix last month about the prospect of getting a dialysis unit in Chilliwack.


nce upon a time there was an elderly couple. He was 80 years old and his wife was a retired teacher in the community of Chilliwack.


He had chronic kidney disease, diabetes and other health issues. He and his wife had a beautiful home comfy according to him. He could no longer stay in that comfy home. He had to move to Vancouver and live in a bachelor apartment by himself so that he could obtain hemo dialysis 3 times a week to sustain his life.


He was able to go home every weekend to his lovely wife and comfy home but alas could not because he was just too tired and worn out from his treatments. What a sad, sad situation.


When asked by the genie ‘why aren't you living in your comfy home and getting treatment there?'  He answered there is no dialysis in Chilliwack and sadly no place for me in Abbotsford the only closest place. 


The genie then asked 'how long have you been living like this separated from your wife and comfy home' to which the man replied 5 long years… I’m one of the many forgotten folk. The genie cried.


Hello everyone, this is not a fairytale. This man is real. His name is Bill. I met him last night sitting on a bench outside his apartment at 6th and Main.  I have not slept all night.  I'm sick about this story.


Imagine having to move alone leaving behind your loved one and comfy home and then being unable to go home at least on the weekends because you are too tired from that life sustaining treatment.


This is life in Chilliwack for some.


How can this story not affect and touch your soul.  Is this not why you are all special people being called to serve the citizens of our beautiful city and province.  How do we justify and explain to each other how a situation like this exists in today's world. How do you?????


We want a dialysis unit in Chilliwack. In hope for a better future for everyone. Let's bring Bill home to his wife and comfy home.


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