Monday March 26, 2012


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A Breath of Fresh Garbage

Conservatives John Martin makes stink over Christie Clark's WtE plan 

Released by the Elect John Martin Campaign/Voice file photo


n a release Monday, John Martin, BC Conservative Candidate for Chilliwack-Hope, responded to the BC Liberal Party's announcement by the Minister of Environment, that any proposed garbage incinerator will be subject to an environmental assessment.


"This announcement changes nothing. The door is still completely wide open for Metro Vancouver to build a garbage incinerator, plans for which the Liberal government approved last July," says Martin. "The only difference between now and July is the government said a garbage incinerator 'may' require an environmental assessment, while now it will. The Liberal government continues to give the green light to this project, one which will pollute our air quality in Chilliwack-Hope."

Martin said a July 2011 report by the BC Auditor General, audited the Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) states that the EAO's "oversight is not sufficient to ensure that potential significant adverse effects are avoided or mitigated."


"What confidence can the people of BC have that an EAO permit won't be issued for a garbage incinerator when the EAO has only refused certification to one project since 1995?"

According to Martin, he's the only candidate in Chilliwack-Hope willing to put up his dukes and fight to shut the door on the Liberal garbage incinerator that will further contaminate the Fraser Valley's air shed.


"A vote for the Liberals is a vote for the garbage incinerator," concluded Martin.


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