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Local author Jack Bass looking to partner with internet marketing expert

Submitted by Jack Bass, Chilliwack


y problem is less complex than Schroeder's Cat but as perplexing for me to find an answer. My stock market letter started in December has recently moved up in the number of " hits" received. Last Friday I received 456 hits and it appears the site is attracting investor attention.


At the same time my new new book, Stock Market Magic: Building Your Apprentice Millionaire Portfolio is available. I think that if I partner with someone knowledgeable about internet marketing I could sell the book, seminars and a fee based newsletter. At this point all my inquiries have led to persons only interested in redoing my website - but I am seeking marketing expertise to partner with my content/books/workshop products.

Stock Market Magic: Building Your Apprentice Millionaire Portfolio

The first edition of Stock Market Magic: Building Your Apprentice Millionaire Portfolio authored by Jack A. Bass, was published in March 2012. This review is based upon reading that edition and the author's stock market letter at

This comprehensive volume (some 500 pages ) offers the reader the nuts and bolts as to what the Apprentice Millionaire Portfolio strategy is based upon - investing , trading and selection.

While many investors today talk about an " investing" style, I challenge how many have actually developed their own criteria - here in this 500 page volume is a written system and series of selections. Many of the basics have stood the test of time. The volume also allows for junior companies to be considered with the " blue chips" of each sector. More than 150 companies are profiled.

The books offers Watchlists of stock selections in a variety of sectors such as energy and precious metals. This will allow the reader to create a portfolio in line with the AMP process and thinking. In that way a great deal of hard work has already been done.

It should be noted that the book contains information on how to analyze a wide variety of stocks. Actually a great proportion of the book is devoted to giving the investor the basic thesis of why an industry such as energy was chosen and why particular stocks are the top picks for each industry or sector analysis. Information is in a clear and readable format.

Different from Graham and Dodd's disdain for "speculators," or what we might call "traders" the author gives actual trades to back up the assertion that not every selection has to be made until " death do you part".

Stock Market Magic : Building Your Apprentice Millionaire Portfolio is a "must have" book for any serious investor's library.

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To buy Jack's book online, go to here.


The cover of the new book was created by local graphic artist Merlies Korporeal.






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