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Big Fish Bite If You Got Good Bait

Car thefts in Chilliwack plunging from 2003 high as bait car keeps reeling them in

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he year 2012 marks the 10th anniversary of the Province's Bait Car Program - and March also happens to be Auto Crime Enforcement Month.


"Bait cars work, pure and simple. The good work of IMPACT and the Bait Car Program has dramatically reduced the number of auto thefts in my community, and we're seeing similar results right across the province," said Chilliwack MLA John Les in a release Wednesday.


Since 2002, British Columbia has been the most successful region in North America in decreasing auto crime.

Why this matters:

Since 2003, car theft incidents reported to ICBC have been reduced by 72 percent in Chilliwack, decreasing from 750 in 2003 to 200 in 2011. Theft-from-vehicle incidents have been reduced by 65 percent - from 720 in 2003 to 250 last year.

The Bait Car Program has been integral in making our communities safer to live and work by targeting car thieves with innovative and up-to-date strategies.

Due to the success of the Bait Car program, British Columbians are now less likely to be victims of auto crime.

Additional Information:
The Bait Car Program was started in 2002 and has since been remarkably effective at reducing auto crime across the province.

British Columbia is home to North America's largest Bait Car Program while IMPACT (Integrated Municipal Provincial auto Crime Team), keeps the fleet up to date with modern theft practices.

Bait trailers were introduced last year and commercial vehicles are coming out this year as part of program upgrades.

In 2011, auto car theft dropped 20 percent which builds on the previous year's 22 percent drop.
Top 7 ways to protect your vehicle from theft:

1. If you have an older vehicle not equipped with an immobilizer - use an anti-theft device.
2. Park in secure, well-lit areas.
3. Remove your valuables.
4. Always lock doors and close windows, even if you are just away from your vehicles for a few minutes.
5. Keep your garage door opener out of sight.
6. If parking on the street outside your residence, take your garage door opener with you.
7. Wait for the garage door gate to close behind you.

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