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Drawing on Inspiration

Bookkeeper by day, Picasso by night

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Julia Fraser stands next to her near-complete mural at the Chilliwack Library Monday.


ith a tree and leaf here, and a little niggle there, Greendale resident Julia Fraser hopes her wall mural paintings will help inspire kids to read more books.


The Chilliwack Library held a competition and Fraser won the right to transform the wall in the children's section into fun, colourful landscape.

Some of the objects in her artwork are based on real things in her life.

Take for instance the hare nestled up against the tree.

"That's my rabbit," she said pointing to the painting. "He's real and I have a cat on the other side, that's my cat. I paint him in all the pictures I do."

Even though the painting is very detailed, Fraser says the kids are mostly interested in the bright colours and as she moves over the wall, the characters slowly come to life.

It's all done freehand and she has no pattern to work from per se, but does a sketch first to give her an idea of the layout.

"I have the general designs and as I'm going I just paint it on," she told The Voice. "I do have a sketch on a grid, so when I do paint it up, it is to scale and as I look at it, I tweak a lot. It's a little bit different doing it from small to large scale."

The dab of paint on her face is usually "whiteout" she says with a laugh.

So far Fraser has spent about 100 hours on the library wall and it will be another 30-40 hours before it's complete. But agrees that its not really a job if you love what you do.

Her art is largely pen and ink and the library wall is the first large scale painting that she's done.

When the new library is done, she's hoping that they'll want the walls livened up there as well.

"I would really like to," says Fraser with a proud smile.

Eventually she hopes to turn her passion for painting into a full-time job.

"That is my sort of dream and wish if I can do that one day."

Not everything Fraser does is large scale like the wall. She also enjoys small jobs and private work like children's bedrooms.

"It's a lot of hours and work and it's tiring but I really enjoy doing it."

If you are interested in having beautiful artwork like this in your child's bedroom or play area contact Fraser here.


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